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Corsica, sublime Island of Beauty. Welcome to Paradise

From the scent of its shrubland, from afar, with my eyes closed, I would recognise Corsica

Napoleon Bonaparte

Corsica has the most varied and richest coastline in France:

Heavenly beaches, mountainous landscapes, typical fishing villages and its heritage make it an exceptional destination.





From Cap Corse, to the Desert of Agriates, to Bonifacio to the creeks of Piana (listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site) Corsica is full of fabulous places.

Indeed, the diversity of the landscapes offers a large choice of activities: hiking, climbing, visits and water sports.



Corsica: Between sea and mountains

Corsica is a mountainous island, where peaks and unspoiled forests alternate with Mediterranean landscapes.



You will find all the magic of the mountains especially Monte Cinto, Monte Rotondo and Monte D’Oro. Many walks and hikes, with the GR 20 route known for its great difficulty. In addition, Corsica has many idilic beaches and wild coves ideal for swimming.

An Island that rhymes with Culture

Above all, Corsica claims its traditions and customs, including its famous melodies.

Corsican culture is essentially speech, expressed through song and language: tales, lullabies and rhymes.

In complete contrast, the church of Saint-Michel de Murato, located in the north of the island, is considered to be one of the most beautiful in Corsica.

The House of Bonaparte (Maison Bonaparte) is where you will find the history of Napoleon as well as The Fesch Museum where works of art, paintings and sculptures retrace the history of Corsica.

Napoléon Bonapart


Corsican culinary specialties: family cuisine

Traditional Corsican cuisine is family cuisine, generous and tasty with Italian and Mediterranean influences. A know-how that is passed down from generation to generation.

Wild boar casserole (Civet de sanglier), Veal with olives (Veau aux olives), tomatoes, onions and herbs and Corsican lamb (Agneau Corse) are all Corsican culinary products and specialties.

When it comes to Corsican wine, the climate and sunshine are the natural assets that make Corsica an ideal destination for great wines offering a wide range of aromas.

Pure France and Corsica

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