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26 March 2024  |  Tourism

Cultures and traditions in Brittany

The cultural richness of Brittany is mixed between tradition and modernity, it is a land of legend with its traditional festivities, its captivating music and its authentic crafts. Brittany offers a real journey to the heart of traditions, let's discover Breton culture together, from captivating dances to tasty gastronomy.

Dance and music: in the heart of Brittany

Music and dance occupy a large place in the heart of Brittany. We know Breton dances such as the gavote, the an-dro, and the hanter-dro, performed to the sound of bombardes and binious, reflect the joyful and festive soul of the Breton people. These dances inherited from an ancient past continue to resonate during Breton evenings with traditional music and conviviality. Breton music is a lively mix of melodies and songs with beautiful poetry highlighted. Today, many artists continue to perpetuate this tradition by honoring modernity and cultural traditions.

Breton craftsmanship: between traditions and innovations

Crafts occupy an important place in Breton culture; from pottery in Quimper to the famous embroidery of Pont-l'Abbé and lace from Plougastel-Daoulas, Breton crafts are renowned for their know-how. Discover the shops and markets to discover the creations and objects of art.

Breton Gastronomy: unique flavors

Breton gastronomy is renowned for its richness and diversity with seafood products and regional specialties. Discover fresh seafood such as Cancale oysters and bouchot mussels, which occupy a special place in local gastronomy. While the crepes and pancakes, accompanied by artisanal cider, are real must-haves. You will also discover local products: such as salted butter and farm cheeses, without forgetting Breton pastries such as kouign-amann and far Breton which appeal to gourmets.

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