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29 October 2023  |  Tourism

Discover the coastal town of Gruissan in the Aude department

Located in the heart of the Aude department, in the Occitanie region, Gruissan is a destination by the sea that is worth the detour.

It is a seaside resort renowned for its beaches, its pleasant village and its breathtaking landscapes. For people wishing to visit and enjoy or water sports enthusiasts, Gruissan is very popular with holidaymakers.

The beaches

Gruissan is famous for its beaches, which stretch for more than 15 km. Among the best known: the Chalets beaches, with its typical wooden cabins. Mateille beach as well as Ayguades beach, each as beautiful as the other. These are large, pleasant beaches for moments with family or friends.

The village of Gruissan

The heart of the village of Gruissan is perched on top of a hill. Its narrow streets, fishermen's houses, and the castle create a warm atmosphere. You can discover the castle, the local markets, the Barberousse tower and the view it offers over Gruissan, the salt marshes and the Mediterranean Sea.

Water sports

Gruissan is the ideal place for water sports enthusiasts, it is a windy area, and attracts windsurfers and kitesurfers. It is possible to take lessons in schools dedicated to water sports. The marina is lively with numerous restaurants and bars, as well as shops.

Mediterranean cuisine

In Occitania, cuisine is at the heart of culture, local restaurants offer delicate cuisine based on fresh produce, fresh fish and local seafood.

Wine tasting

The Aude region is mainly known for its vineyards, you can take the opportunity to visit local wine cellars, taste regional wines and learn more about the surrounding wines.

Local markets

You can explore the local markets of Gruissan, where you will find markets with fresh produce such as fresh fish, fruits and vegetables and local specialties.

The Barbarossa Tower

Go up to the Barbarossa Tower to have a breathtaking view of Gruissan, and the sea, you can enjoy a beautiful walk around the Barberousse Tower.

Take care of yourself at the Balneotherapy area

The Balneotherapy area is the ideal place to relax from the tensions of everyday life. The place is equipped with indoor or outdoor pools.


You can enjoy a massage lasting around sixty minutes for perfect relaxation and to relieve tension in the body.

Outdoor and indoor pools

You can relax in a pool heated to 32 degrees with salt from the Gruissan saltworks, ideal for optimal muscle relaxation, then in a music bath for an invitation to travel. Body and muscles will be stimulated then relaxed. You will also find hammam and sauna there.

The salt marsh of Gruissan

322 hectares of changing reflections between land and sea. The salt marsh is nicknamed the "pink lake" because of its unique color and constitutes one of the most remarkable natural spaces in the territory. Open since 1910, it now offers several activities on the site, you can visit the saltworks according to the site's opening hours: opening information for the Gruissan saltworks.

Protected space

Just like the village, the salt marsh conceals many treasures, it is an ideal site for observing birds (terns, woodcocks, flamingos, etc.) which take refuge. So much so that the Aude Bird Protection League organizes observation outings. The Gruissan saltworks is a protected area with many plants as well. It’s a breathtaking panorama!

Fisherman's huts

So many elements which make Gruissan an easily identifiable and above all appreciated seaside resort. The Ayrolle pond extends as far as the Grau de la Vieille Nouvelle where its waters mingle with the sea. The grau is a communication channel between the lagoon and the sea, it allows it to be filled by sea wind and, on the contrary, also emptied. This allows for true natural cleaning. the grau is a communication channel between the lagoon and the sea, it allows it to be filled by sea wind and on the contrary to also empty, If you own a house and would like to rent it out for seasonal rental to obtain additional income, Pure France has more than 300 rental properties in France.

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