L'Estacade de Capbreton

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19 January 2023  |  Tourism, Nature

Discover the Landes of Gascony

Les Landes, a department in the southwest of France and attached to the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, is divided into two districts.

Did you know that near the Bassin d'Arcachon there are places and activities labeled "Valeurs Parc" - it is a national brand of the federation of regional natural parks of France which takes into account the preservation of the environment. For holidays full of authenticity.

The House of Nature in the Arcachon Basin

Located in the town of Teich, the Maison Nature is an ecotourism site built in 1995 and offers nature outings on foot, by bike, by canoe or by sea kayak.


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Teich bird sanctuary

As close as possible to the wild reserve, and the wildest birds. The ornithological reserve of Teiche is worth a detour, you can spend some time there observing birds and natural species. A guide will help you enjoy the visit even more.

You can taste the best oysters in the Arcachon basin.

Domaine d'Hostens between forests and lakes

In the heart of the forest, the Domaine d'Hostens is a Sensitive Natural Space classified Natura 2000 in Gironde. With 750 hectares, and 5 lakes, it is the ideal place for lovers of tranquility and nature. You can stroll through the lagoons and lakes, to go paddleboarding, or go for a walk or bike ride.

Marquèze Ecomuseum

The ideal stopover to better understand the Landes. The eco-museum offers stories, exhibitions and local delicacies, with the aim of making you discover Les Landes in depth: https://www.marqueze.fr.

Cape Breton Pier

It was Emperor Napoleon III who decided to build it during his visit in September 1858, after having examined the plans for the future port of Capbreton drawn up by the engineers Descombes and Pairier. If you have never seen this is the opportunity to visit this unique place in the Landes.

The Landes forests

Exceptional environment where calm, tranquility and well-being reign. Getting lost and strolling through the Landes forests is the best time to let go and take a deep breath of fresh air.

They are a perfect playground in the heart of the forest, for lovers of cycling, walking and even horseback riding.

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