Paléosite de Saint-Césaire

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20 May 2024  |  Tourism

Discover the Paleosite of Saint Cesaire in Charente Maritime

The Paleosite of Saint-Césaire. In Charente-Maritime, in the heart of the rich historical region of Nouvelle-Aquitaine, lies an archaeological treasure that takes visitors on a fascinating journey through the prehistoric ages.

An immersive experience

The museum is located near the authentic prehistoric site of Roche à Pierrot. It was in 1979 that “Pierrette”, a Neanderthal individual, was discovered there. It is 36,000 years old!

The Paleosite visit offers a self-guided tour and activities as well as a guided tour once or twice a day.

An indoor and outdoor route is offered for a visit of approximately 3 hours. You can learn how to light a fire by friction or percussion, learn rock art or even discover propellant shooting.

The outdoor course extends over 10 hectares. You can walk among life-size reconstructions created for Jacques Malaterre's film "Ao the Last Neanderthal".

Don't forget to pass by the belvedere, a view of a geological section more than 40m high awaits you there.

Paléosite de Saint-Césaire

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The La Broche restaurant in Pierrot

From the restaurant you have a clear view of the Homo sapiens huts. You can take the time and savor the local gastronomy and local products or eat on the go.

The restaurant is open on weekends excluding holidays and every day during holidays and public holidays.

For a dish, count between 8.50 euros and 16.90 euros.

In the afternoon the restaurant transforms into a bar where you can have a snack and a coffee. Paleosite prices Adult: 10 euros Children over 6 years old: 6 euros Children under 6 years old: free Reduced price: 8 euros Family pass available

Getting There; Green Ascent Route 17770 Saint Césaire Telephone: 05 46 97 90 90


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