Fort Saint Elme

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16 January 2024  |  Tourism, Nature

Discovering the Fort de Sainte Elme in Collioure

Le Four-de-Saint-Elme is perched majestically on the heights of Collioure. Fort Saint-Elme is much more than an imposing silhouette on the horizon - it is a living witness to the region's tumultuous history, offering visitors an immersive dive into the past. Let's discover together the secrets and charms of this historic site.

A Fortress with a rich history

Fort Saint-Elme, built in the 16th century, was designed to protect the Mediterranean coast from enemy invasions. Its imposing architecture, combining Gothic style and defensive elements, reflects the military ingenuity of the time. Over the centuries, the fort played a crucial role in the defense of Collioure, becoming a symbol of the region's resilience.

Fort Saint-Elme

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Cultural Events and Entertainment

Fort St. Elmo is not only a static museum, but also the setting for vibrant cultural events. From open-air concerts to historical reenactments, the fort comes to life through various activities that captivate visitors of all ages. These events create a dynamic atmosphere, bringing to life the spirit of the past. Practical Tips for the Visit: Opening Times: Check the fort's opening hours before your visit, as they may vary depending on the season.

Tourist Guides: Take advantage of the guided tours offered to obtain in-depth information on the history of the fort.

Comfortable Shoes: Due to the terrain, it is recommended to wear comfortable shoes for the ascent to the fort.

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