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09 March 2023  |  Tourism, Nature

Dog sledding in France, discover mushing

Guided expeditions with sled dogs. Winter sports amuse you and you have the opportunity to try out a new activity. Discover these expeditions, which are becoming more and more popular. Especially in France, whether in the Alps, the Juras, the Vercors, or the Pyrenees. Dare to live an unforgettable adventure in a group or alone!

A very original winter sport

Let yourself be guided and transported by the sled dunes. They will bring you to the delight of the guides in wild and snowy places.

Several types of races:

For enthusiasts there are several types of races such as:

The sprint with teams of 2 to 12 dogs. The mid-distance, organized by timed stages. The long-distance, the most strategic event from 300km.

Defined roles for each dog

In order for coordination to be perfect, it is important and essential to have a good distribution of roles according to the characteristics of the dogs but also the objectives of the outing. A leader, the one who influences the other sled dogs. Lead dogs those who ensure the pace and respect for orders. The dogs in swing, rhythms and directs the team and the dogs of bars, powerful, they support the load.

An experience focused on the discovery of nature in France

Whether in the Pyrenees, the Vercors, the Alps, the Jura, you can enjoy a unique and exceptional experience in France.

Sled dogs in Tourmalet.

Sled dogs in the Jura.

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