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04 January 2024  |  Architecture

Domme - a medieval treasure in the Dordogne

Located twelve kilometres from Sarlat, Domme is one of the most beautiful bastides in the southwest and one of the jewels of Périgord. In the 19th century, the Dordogne ceased to be a route of passage and trade and therefore of conflict. Domme remains away from major road and rail routes: a less flourishing but also calmer place which favors the preservation of an exceptional heritage.

An Impregnable Citadel

Perched on a steep cliff, Domme offers a breathtaking panorama of the Dordogne valley. You will be greeted by cobbled streets and stone houses that tell centuries of history. At every street corner, architectural treasures are revealed, recalling the time when the citadel was an impenetrable bastion.

A journey through time

The narrow streets of Domme give way to a reigning medieval atmosphere. The stone houses with colorful shutters, arched passages and shaded squares evoke a past rich in history. Don't miss the Porte des Tours, a vestige of the city's fortifications, which offers a breathtaking view of the valley below.

Living history

At the heart of Domme stands the 17th-century Market Hall, where bustling markets and local festivals have kept the tradition alive for generations. Stroll between the stalls of local products, artisanal products and gastronomic specialties, and let yourself be seduced by the flavors of Périgord.

A unique heritage

No visit to Domme would be complete without an exploration of the Grotte de Domme, a fascinating underground cavern network. Discover the mysteries hidden beneath the cliff and marvel at the spectacular geological formations.

The charm of lively squares

In the heart of Domme, life is in full swing on the central square, where the 17th century Grain Hall stands. Colorful markets, local artisans and festivals enliven the place, creating a warm and friendly atmosphere where the captivating scents of Périgord specialties mingle.

Domme, with its captivating history, remarkable architecture and breathtaking landscapes, is a medieval treasure nestled in the heart of the Dordogne. Whether you are a history lover, culture enthusiast or simply in search of natural beauty, a visit to Domme will transport you to another time, where legends mingle with reality and every street tells a story.

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