La Rochelle

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12 May 2024  |  Nature

Don't miss La Rochelle on the Atlantic Coast

La Rochelle is a port town located in the west of France, it is the flagship destination for lovers of history, nature and the sea. With its famous medieval towers, its lively port and its charming city center. La Rochelle attracts thousands of visitors every year.

Let’s discover the main attractions !

History and architecture of La Rochelle

Founded in the 10th century, La Rochelle has a rich history, linked to the sea. The three medieval towers, the Tour Saint Nicolas, the Tour de la Chaîne, and the Tour de la Lanterne - must-see monuments. They were once used to protect the port, today they offer panoramic views of the city and the ocean. The center of La Rochelle has cobbled streets, half-timbered houses and Renaissance buildings. Testimonies of the history and architecture of the Renaissance of the city: The cloister of the White Ladies and the Big Clock, The Henri II House, the Town Hall, with its flamboyant Gothic style.

La Rochelle

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Culture and leisure

It is a culturally dynamic city, each year it hosts major events such as the International Film Festival and the Francofolies, a French-speaking music festival. The Maritime Museum offers a fascinating insight into the city's maritime history.

The large aquarium of La Rochelle, near the Old Port, is a real popular attraction; it houses more than 12,000 marine animals, representing more than 600 species.

La Rochelle

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La Rochelle is renowned for its cuisine, you will find wonderful seafood not to be missed: oysters, mussels, shellfish. The restaurants of the old Port offer regional specialties. Finally, the central markets offer excellent quality regional products.

La Rochelle is a city that perfectly combines history, culture, and marine pleasures.

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