Chateau de la Chaize

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19 April 2024  |  Architecture, Nature , Wines / Vineyard

Exploring the Château de la Chaize

Nestled in the heart of the rolling vineyards of Beaujolais, Château de la Chaize emerges like a historical jewel, it stands out with its architecture. You can even enjoy wine tasting. In this article, we delve into the corridors of this 17th century castle, discovering its rich past, its sumptuous gardens and its unrivaled wine reputation.

Historical patrimony

Founded in the 17th century by the Lafayette family, Château de la Chaize is one of the largest wine estates in Beaujolais. Its imposing architecture, with its slender towers and slate roofs, bears witness to its prestigious history and its importance in the region.

Some dates

The castle has been a story ever since.

1196: where there would be the first traces evoking the Château de la Douze having preceded that of la Chaize. 1287: Château de la Douze becomes a certified vineyard. 1676: Construction of the Château de la Chaize by Jean-François de la Chaize d'Aix. 1771: Construction of the historic winery. 1972: Châteaux, gardens, and cellars, classified as Historic Monuments. 2017: Acquisition of the estate by the Gry family.

Some facts...

  • 150 hectares of vines

  • 4 appellations of Beaujolais wines

  • 450 hectares of total area

  • 1 of the 4 clos of France listed in the supplementary inventory of historic monuments

French garden

As you approach the castle, you are immediately captivated by the splendor of its French gardens. Perfectly manicured paths, colorful flower beds and elegant fountains create an atmosphere of elegance and tranquility, inviting visitors to stroll and relax.

Chateau de la Chaize

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The art of exceptional wine

The real treasure of this castle lies in its vineyards and cellars. Visitors have the opportunity to discover the secrets of Beaujolais winemaking during guided tours of the underground cellars, where the precious oak barrels filled with the estate's best wines are stored.

Wine tasting

Of course, no visit to Château de la Chaize would be complete without a wine tasting. Wine lovers can savor a selection of award-winning wines, including renowned vintages such as Brouilly and Morgon, while enjoying stunning views of the surrounding vineyards. From elegant red wines with fruity and spicy aromas to refined white wines with floral and mineral notes, the range offered by the estate will satisfy the most demanding palates.

Imposing architecture

In addition to its vineyards and quality wines, Château de la Chaize also seduces with its imposing architecture. Visitors can admire the elegant facades of the castle, adorned with refined architectural details, as well as the extensive French gardens that surround it. A stroll through the gardens offers a refreshing break and an opportunity to immerse yourself in the peaceful atmosphere of this place steeped in history.

Exceptional know-how

A passionate team

Boris, the man of vines and wine, and Christophe Gruy, entrepreneur and man of challenges, form a complementary and atypical duo in the family business.

They pass on their know-how and their profession from generation to generation in the quest for excellence.

It is a team of passionate experts involved in the daily life and development of the Domaine.

Chateau de la Chaize

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Online wine store

Find the online store to stock up on wines for your tastings:

Where to find the wines?

The wines are available in several cities in France:

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