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10 November 2022  |  Tourism, Culture

Fine Art in France

The man has always practiced art in France. beginning with prehistoric painted animals on the walls of caves like at Lascaux. Art extends over several fields: discover fine art in music, dance, cinema, poetry, architecture...

Museum of Fine Arts, Lyon

Antiquity, works of art, coins and medals, sculptures, graphic arts, paintings. The Royal Abbey - one of the oldest monasteries in Gaul From its foundation around the 6th century to its total reconstruction in the 17th century, the abbey underwent multiple transformations. Previously, inside a fence, the churches of Saint-Saturnin and Saint-Pierre stood next to the outbuildings and the houses of wealthy nuns. By its rights and wealth, the monastery was always the most important of the city. Discover the Museum of Fine Arts in Lyon: https://www.mba-lyon.fr/fr

The history of the museum

During the Revolution, the abbey owes its proximity to the Town Hall not to be sold or destroyed. In 1792, the City Council designates the building as a place of conservation for paintings, medals, bronzes and other monuments of the arts.

The museum today

The Musée des Beaux-Arts de Lyon is located in the heart of the Presqu’île de Lyon, in the magnificent setting of a 17th century abbey and its cloister, now a sculpture garden. The encyclopedic collections of the museum present in five departments and 70 rooms, spread over 7,000 m2, a panorama of great civilizations and artistic schools from Antiquity to the present day.

Museum of Fine Arts Bordeaux

The museum offers a rich and multidisciplinary program around its exhibitions and permanent collections: guided tours, concert, literary siestas, workshops, conferences, cross-examinations, etc. To view the October-December 2022 agenda, just click here. Discover the Bordeaux Museum of Fine Arts: https://www.musba-bordeaux.fr

Rouen Museum of Fine Arts

The Renaissance, the sculpture garden, Baroque Europe, landscapes, impressionism, portraits, the living room... Discover the program of the Museum of Fine Arts of Rouen: https://mbarouen.fr/fr

Rennes Museum of Fine Arts

The Rennes Museum of Fine Arts is, like most museums in France, a revolutionary creation. Constituted in 1794 from works seized in the religious and civil buildings of the city, the museum of fine arts however draws most of its wealth from the fabulous cabinet of curiosities of Christophe-Paul de Robien (1698-1756), President of the Parliament of Brittany. Discover the Fine Arts of Rennes: http://mba.rennes.fr/fr/le-musee/l-histoire-du-musee/

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