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07 May 2022  |  Sports and leisure, Tourism

Flyzone, for thrill seekers

Do you dream of experiencing the sensations of a parachute jump? Flyzone offers a unique experience. An indoor freefall simulator.

Fly in the free fall simulator, jump in a tandem parachute for a breath of fresh air, or drive a Formula 1 car, you will have the choice between various thrilling activities.

The parachute jump

Do you dare to jump into the void?

Do you want a unique skydiving experience?

Tandem jumping is for you. Your Tandem pilot takes care of all the details while you enjoy the jump and discover the joys of Tandem freefall without having any constraints. All phases of the parachute jump are taken care of by the tandem pilot.

  • 15 min ground preparation with equipment

  • 20 minutes of ascent by plane to 3000 or 4000 meters

  • Jump and freefall for 30 to 50 seconds at a speed of 200km/h

  • Opening of the parachute at 1500m, the pleasure of the continuous tandem jump under the parachute for 4 to 6 minutes to observe the landscapes.

Adrenaline guaranteed!

Possibility of jumping to Lézignan-Corbières near Montpellier and Toulouse and also to Revel (31) and Castres (81).


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Free fall simulator flight

If you're not ready for a parachute jump yet, you can try out the indoor skydiving simulator.

  • Briefing before the flights

  • Loan of professional equipment (wetsuit, helmet, goggles)

All this for lots of fun!

Driving a Formula 1

Experience truer-than-life sensations at the wheel of a real Formula 1 car!

Embark on the atmosphere of circuit racing thanks to the deafening sound of the roar of the engine of your Formula 1, you will chain bends and straight lines at more than 300 km / h, will feel the slightest vibrations of the road as if you were there.

More information to be found here boutique flyzone

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