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Grasse, perfume capital of the world

Grasse is the city of perfume. The scents of flowers tickle the nostrils while the terraced gardens delight the eyes. Welcome to Grasse, the world capital of perfume. Strolling through its streets is like taking a trip to the land of scents, where rose and jasmine are king and where refinement rules.


It is in Grasse that a number of mythical perfumes by Rochas, Dior, Chanel were created... At the heart of the activity of the people of Grasse, perfumes are here in their kingdom. However, in the Middle Ages, Grasse was specialized in the tanning of leather. To remedy the strong smell of the skins, the local tanner Galimard had the idea of creating scented leather gloves. He offered a pair to Catherine de Medici who was instantly seduced. This new fashion spread to the Royal Court and then to all of high society. Orders poured in, encouraging the transformation of tanners into glovemakers perfumers. Little by little, leather gave way to the sole production of scent. The rare flowers of the Pays de Grasse - lavender, myrtle, rose, flower orange blossom, mimosa and above all jasmine – the city’s "mythical flower" – became local treasures. From the production of raw materials natural ingredients to the manufacture of concentrate, all of the know-how secular is grouped here. Big brands like Chanel own moreover in the Pays de Grasse their own plantations of roses and jasmine, dedicated exclusively to the production of their juices.

Grass perfume
Grasse Chanel

Grasse a sunny living environment

Grasse offers visitors from all over the world a preserved and sunny living environment, cultural and natural heritage, as well as exceptional biodiversity.

The essentials of Grasse

There is something for everyone, whether the most athletic with white water sports, hiking, or nature lovers or for purists of old stones. Choose from the essentials and let yourself be seduced by this authenticity.

Jean-Honoré Fragonard Museum, Hélène and Jean-François Costa collection

The painter Jean-Honoré Fragonard presents around fifteen major works by the artist.

Information: 04 93 36 44 65 Hôtel de Villeneuve14, rue Jean Ossola - Grasse

Domaine du Mas de l'Olivine

The Domaine du Mas de l'Olivine in Peymeinade welcomes two lovers of the earth and scents, Audrey and Thierry BORTOLINI. They transform their flowers into confectionery. You will be able to enjoy activities offered all year round by the Domaine:

- Cultivation of Perfume Plants - Floral confectionery - Participatory workshops around confectionery and floral pastries - Become a farmer for a day - Guided tour of the Estate (7 days a week by appointment) - Children's birthday parties Information: 06 61 77 26 54 16 Chemin des Lazes - 06530 Peymeinade

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