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21 October 2021  |  Culture

Hélène Et Les Garçons

Hélène et les Garçons is a French television series in 280 episodes of 26 minutes, created by Jean-François Porry, produced by AB Productions and broadcast from May 11, 1992 to November 22, 1994 on TF1. It is a series derived from Premiers Kisses, centered on the character of Hélène Girard, played in both series by actress Hélène Rollès.

Hélène Rolles

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In turn, Hélène et les Garçons has been the subject of several spin-off series featuring the same main characters, namely The Miracle of Love, The Holidays of Love and The Mysteries of Love. Since the end of its filming, the series has been rebroadcast in particular on AB1, NT1, Filles TV and NRJ 12. It has also been available in full on the Generation Sitcoms YouTube channel since June 6, 2018. This sitcom features the mostly sentimental adventures of a group of students, tackling recurring topics such as music, flirtations, arguments and reconciliations between the characters.

Hélène et les garcons

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Hélène Girard has just entered the second year of sociology at the university of Paris-XIV. She lives in the university residence, where she shares a room with two of her amphitheater classmates, Cathy and Johanna. In the first episode, the three young women meet three literary students, musicians in their spare time: Nicolas, Étienne and Christian. Quickly, the couples are formed: Hélène with Nicolas, Cathy with Étienne, Johanna with the one she nicknamed her “Cri-Cri d'amore”. Over the course of the episodes, these couples will break up and, eventually, reform, depending on meetings, deceptions and the arrival of newcomers to their group of friends.

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