Nathan Paulin

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01 October 2021  |  Events

Highwire Walk From The Eiffel Tower

A French daredevil recently wowed crowds in the centre of Paris by walking 600 meters on a tightrope between the Eiffel Tower and Trocadero Square.

Nathan Paulin, a famous tightrope artist, relied on a narrow strip of rope just 2.5cm (one inch) wide to keep him safe.

Nathan Paulin

 © Nathan Paulin 

Thousands of people watched him start the walk from the first floor of the tower, 70 metres above the ground.

Nathan Paulin

 © Nathan Paulin 

He then made his way - very carefully - to a theatre roof beside Trocadero Square.

He stopped several times to perform extra stunts for the crowds.

The performance is the longest high-line crossing in a city.

However, this is not the first time Paulin has attempted this feat -- he previously walked a similar route from the Eiffel Tower in December 2017, for a televised charity fundraiser.

When he first did it, it set the world record for the longest urban highline walk with a safety harness by a man -- a record that remains unbroken today.

Paulin previously conducted a 1,673-foot-long slackline walk between two skyscrapers in Paris. He holds 10 world records, according to his website.

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