Château Chante L'Oiseau

04 March 2024  |  Pure France, Tourism

Holiday rentals in the Loire, at the Chateau Chante Oiseau

The private estate of Château Chante l'Oiseau has more than 4 hectares of land including a large garden, open fields overlooking the surrounding countryside as well as woods with private walking and cycling paths. Lots of of birds and birdsong in the woods ! The chateau can accommodate up to 16 people, with its 8 bedrooms | 8 bathrooms.

Château Chante L'Oiseau

Château Chante L'Oiseau - Activities

The property is located on over 4 hectares of private land in the Vendée region of France, in the Loire-Atlantique department.

Beaches on the Atlantic coast: Villeneuve-en-Retz is located close to the Atlantic coast, offering easy access to magnificent sandy beaches. You can visit popular seaside resorts such as Pornic, Saint-Brévin-les-Pins and La Bernerie-en-Retz to enjoy the sun, sea and water activities. The Guérande Salt Marshes: a short drive from Villeneuve-en-Retz are the Guérande Salt Marshes, where you can discover the traditional art of salt harvesting and explore the natural beauty of these vast salt flats.

Le Château de Pornic: enjoy a visit to Château de Pornic, located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. This medieval castle offers magnificent views of the coastline and often hosts exhibitions and cultural events.

The surrounding islands of the region: from the coast, you can also consider excursions to the surrounding islands such as the island of Noirmoutier or the island of Yeu, renowned for their unspoiled landscapes, beaches and tranquil atmosphere.

Brière Regional Natural Park: this regional park is one of the largest marshes in France and is home to exceptional biodiversity. You can take boat trips through the canals, observe the flora and fauna, as well as visit picturesque villages like Saint-Lyphard and Kerhinet. Cultural Heritage: La Brière is also renowned for its cultural heritage, notably its traditional thatched cottages. These thatched houses, called "chaumières", are emblematic of the region and contribute to its picturesque charm.

Château Chante L'Oiseau

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