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Holidays in Brittany

The sites of Brittany

Discover an exceptional natural and architectural heritage, mythical places, discover the places that make Brittany famous. Passing through the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel, Camaret-sur-mer and Crozon, Concarneau, the Pink Granite Coast, the Quiberon peninsula, the Gulf of Morbihan, Pointe Saint-Mathieu...


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Discovering Mont-Saint-Michel

The sea, the sand, the horizon, a changing landscape where Mont-Saint-Michel is reflected. Listed as a UNESCO world heritage site with breathtaking landscapes.

You can visit Mont-Saint-Michel, enjoy nature, go for a walk, but be careful of the tide rising very quickly !

Camaret-sur-mer and Crozon

The Crozon peninsula offers landscapes alternating with cliffs, turquoise waters and beaches. Camaret is a typical port where it is good to stroll along the lively quays, lined with colorful houses with the Notre-Dame de Rocamadour chapel on the pier, famous for its boat models. There you will find the Vauban Tower, listed as a UNESCO world heritage site.

Cap de la Chèvre, a cliff over 100 metres high

You can enjoy a view of the bay of Douarnenez and the cove of Morgat with a striking panorama. The ideal place for hiking enthusiasts From Morgat to the Château de Dinan, via the tip of Saint-Hernot, the cove of Porz-Creguen and the promontory which dominates Palue beach. Favorite for the tip of Pen-Hir and its 4 islets called the “Tas de Pois” with a peak at 70 metres.

Concarneau, one of the most beautiful bays in Brittany

Concarneau has a busy port life with 200 fishing boats which liven up the quays and the fish market. Beaches and the marina provide water and seaside activities, and the corniche offers a pretty walk to the white sand beach.

City walks; choose the morning to visit it, rue Vauban is lined with charming houses, cobbled streets wind up to openings overlooking the fishing port, and Place Saint-Guénolé with its beautiful fountain.

The Pink Granite Coast

Mainly known for its famous colourful rocks with poetic shapes. It is a paradise for birds and walkers. The stones change in more or less varied colors. Pinker on the coast, the granite is gray in the interior, along the Trieux and Jaudy estuaries. Off the coast of Perros-Guirec, the Sept-Iles nature reserve is home to one of the largest colonies of seabirds, puffins, gannets and cormorants.

On foot, by bike, by kayak; the GR34 is the most popular hiking trail for exploring the Pink Granite Coast. You will discover small towns of character: la Roche-Derrien, Tréguier, Pontrieux... as well as very beautiful castles (Tonquédec, la Roche-Jagu...)

The Quiberon peninsula

14 kilometres of pretty landscapes, it is one of the most popular Breton seaside resorts. It is also the starting point for Belle-île, Houat and Hoëdic. The panorama is splendid, the wild coast extends over 8 kilometres of coastline. Renowned for its beautiful, long beaches, it has many facets. In Quibéron there are many activities: walks, outings, sea fishing, sailing. The peninsula is one of the most beautiful surf spots in Brittany. Set back from the coast, the hamlets offer pretty views, with their narrow streets lined with white houses, blue shutters and flowering hydrangeas, but also Quiberon shops. Good restaurant addresses to taste the specialties: seafood, fish, creperies without forgetting the specialties: niniches (confectioneries), salidou (salted butter caramel), biscuits and smoked fish.

Pointe Saint-Mathieu

Steep cliffs are swept by the winds and the lighthouse watches over the ancient abbey. The maritime path leads to the Christianized menhirs. The stones topped with crosses were called "Monks' Gibet". 163 steps lead to the top of the lighthouse with a view at the top. Since the 19th century, the port has been famous for lobster and crab fishing. It is from the tip of Kermovan that the view of Conquet and the Molène archipelago is the prettiest.

Pointe du Raz

A veritable granite projection towards the Atlantic Ocean, shaped by wind and waves. The quality of its landscapes makes it a place of unique experiences and emotions, the richness of its fauna and flora arouses the curiosity of walkers.

The Bay of the Dead

The Baie des Trépassés is protected by the Pointe du Raz but also the Pointe du Van which surrounds it. Contrary to what its name suggests, this beach sheltered from the ocean is an ideal place for water activities.

Pointe du Van

Pointe du Van impresses with its vertical and rocky walls. It also offers a breathtaking panorama of the points of the northern coast of the bay of Douarnenez.

Breton gastronomy

There are not only the salted butter caramel pancakes, the Breton palets and the galettes, but also the exceptional quality oysters, the scallops, the cider, the salted butter, the buckwheat whiskey. .. Brittany has a diverse gastronomy that delights the taste buds. You will find many markets in the small Breton villages with local producers who will offer you the best of their products.

Cap Fréhel, an exceptional heritage site

With its 70 metre high cliffs, discover a wonderful natural space. Classified as a Great Site of France, the Cap d'Erquy - Cap Fréhel site unfolds at your feet 600 hectares of moors between pink sandstone cliffs and emerald sea.

Fort la Latte, a medieval castle

Near Cap Fréhel, you will discover Fort la Latte, its architecture and its location with its impressive view make it one of the largest Breton castles. It is classified as a national monument and open to visits in season. It is also used for many film sets: 'The Vikings' with Kirk Douglas.

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