Château Laurens, Agde

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08 March 2024  |  Tourism

Holidays in Sète: visit to the surrounding area

A treasure located on the beautiful Mediterranean coast, the town of Sète is a popular destination for its picturesque canals, sunny beaches and rich local culture. However, beyond the city's borders, real pearls are to be discovered. From historic sites to unspoiled natural landscapes, the surrounding area of Sète offers a multitude of fascinating experiences for travelers curious to discover an authentic region.

The fishing village of Bouzigues



Just a few kilometers from Sète is the charming village of |

Bouzigues, renowned for its world-famous oysters. Visitors can explore local oyster beds, learn about growing techniques, and taste fresh oysters directly from local producers. This experience offers a unique insight into the region's fishing tradition and allows visitors to enjoy fresh and delicious produce. The village is warm, facing the Etang de Thau, a sunset of a thousand colors.





Valmagne Abbey, Villeveyrac

Abbaye de Valmagne

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Valmagne Abbey, a former Cistercian abbey, is an architectural gem from the 12th century that amazes visitors with its timeless beauty. The history of Valmagne Abbey dates back to the year 1139, when Cistercian monks established their community in this fertile region, near Montpellier. Under the leadership of these monks, the abbey prospered and became an important spiritual, economic and cultural center over the centuries.

Valmagne Abbey has managed to preserve its heritage and continue to shine as a symbol of spirituality and knowledge.

Observe its cloister which dates from the 14th century. It is one of the most remarkable elements of the abbey, with its slender arcades and finely chiseled sculptures. A serene atmosphere emanates from the place.

Today the abbey remains a cultural and spiritual place. You can also extend the visit and have lunch at the farm inn which offers dishes using vegetables and herbs grown on site.

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Château Laurens, Agde

Château Laurens


Located in the historic town of Agde, Château Laurens, imbued with a mysterious aura, attracts visitors seeking historical discoveries and cultural adventures.

It takes the name of its owner Emmanuel Laurens, a dandy collector and a great traveler who had this extravagant palace built at the end of the 19th century.

You will be captivated by the stained glass windows, woodwork, ceramics, extraordinary and colorful murals and its furniture. Unclassifiable, it is a demonstration of Art Nouveau inspired by travels to the East and in particular the Egypt of Emmanuel Laurens.

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