Villa Belza in Biarritz

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05 January 2022  |  Culture, Holidays, Tourism

Holidays in the Basque Country

Beautiful landscapes as far as the eye can see, a very mild climate, customs and traditions, and uique gastronomy make the Basque Country a rich and diverse place. Come and discover this remarkable holiday destination - book now!

What to see and do

Walking, surfing, museums, restaurants; there is something for everyone in the Basque Country. The elegant seaside town of the Basque coast: Biarritz. Explore the 'City of the Ocean' and 'Museum of the Universe' and the 'Birth of the Ocean'. With 360° interactive experiences with 3D devices, Surf simulators and documentaries to discover with virtual reality masks.

Rocher de la Vierge in Biarritz

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You will also find the most famous pepper in the world in Espelette, a small typically Basque village mixing charm and tradition.

Espelette - Peppers


Bayonne is also the essential city for holidays in the Basque Country. Known for its cultural events and grand feêtes including the traditional Ferias de Bayonne.

Walk to the rhythm of the waves

Discover along the waterways on foot or by bike, and surf the beautiful waves of Guétary. Guétary is a small village known throughout world of surfing; from here is one of the most famous surf spots in Europe with waves that can exceed 5 meters.

Sea view in Biarritz

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A unique sunset

The water is flowing, people are talking and the wind is blowing.

Basque proverb

From your private holiday home or on the terrace of a restaurant, watch the sun set to the sound of the breaking waves.

Sunset in Guetary

A perfect end to a perfect day in the Basque Country.

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