Christmas decoration

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02 December 2021  |  Home, Indoors and Outdoors

How to make a success of your Christmas decorations?

The countdown is on. Christmas is in 1 month! You may be starting to think about your Christmas decorations. End-of-year celebrations, Christmas tree, light garlands, table, classic and modern decorations.

How to make a success of your Christmas decoration?

Do you want to wow your family, or just treat yourself for Christmas?

Here we go, we are going to discover how to make a success of your Christmas decorations.

Christmas decoration

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A beautiful tree

The tree, the centerpiece of the house!

A real tree, artificial, small or large, green or covered with snow... the choice is wide and will depend on your tastes. The most important is the decoration: garlands, balls, fairy lights.

Christmas three

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A carefully decorated table

Your table will bring charm to your interior.

Fir branch, pretty candles... Let yourself be inspired by the magic of Christmas.

Christmas decoration

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Home-made room fragrance

Cinnamon, orange, hot chocolate, cloves, these are smells that remind us all of Christmas.

Home-made room fragrance:

Fill a pot with water. Slide the peelings of mandarins or oranges, lemon or apple, a stick of cinnamon, bay leaf, anise flowers into hot water.

Christmas Apples

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Christmas wreaths

Here is an activity you can do with the children. Bring small Christmas balls, pine cones, holly branches ... that you can hang on the front door. You have all the cards in hand for a successful Christmas decoration.

Share with us your best Christmas decoration photos. We will be happy to share it with you.

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