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04 June 2024  |  Culture, Drinks

In the footsteps of the wine route in the Loire

The Loire Wine Route is a fascinating adventure through one of the largest wine regions in France. From Sancerre to Nantes, this oenological trip will make you discover an incredible diversity of landscapes, grape varieties and wines. Here is a guide to explore this emblematic route.

Introduction to the Loire wine region

The Loire Valley extends over 800 kilometers and includes several distinct wine regions, each offering unique characteristics in terms of terroir, climate and grape varieties. Among the main appellations are Sancerre, Pouilly-Fumé, Vouvray, Chinon, Saumur, and Muscadet.

The key stages of the Loire Wine Route

Sancerre et Pouilly-Fumé

  • Sancerre Sancerre is located on a hill, and is famous for its dry white wines based on Sauvignon Blanc. Visit estates such as Domaine Vacheron and Alphonse Mellot for unforgettable tastings.

  • Pouilly-Fumé Just opposite the Loire, this region also produces white wines of Sauvignon Blanc, characterized by smoky notes. Domaine Didier Dagueneau is a must.


  • Vouvray Known for its Chenin Blanc wines, Vouvray produces wines ranging from dry to soft, including effervescents. Domaine Huet is particularly famous.

  • Chinon

    This region is famous for its Cabernet Franc-based red wines. Visit cave cellars and taste wines at Domaine Bernard Baudry.

Saumur et Saumur-Champigny

  • Saumur Famous for its sparkling wines produced according to the traditional method. Domaine Bouvet-Ladubay offers an exceptional tasting and visit experience.

  • Saumur-Champigny Known for its elegant and fruity red wines. The Château de Villeneuve is a recommended visit.


  • Anjou

    Diversity of wines ranging from dry rosés to sweet whites. Try the wines of the Domaine des Baumard.

  • Coteaux du Layon

    A region famous for its soft and sweet wines based on Chenin Blanc. Domaine Patrick Baudouin is an excellent choice for tasting.


  • Muscadet Located near the Loire estuary, this region is known for its dry white wines based on Burgundy Melon. The Domaine de la Pépière is very appreciated.

Practical advice for the trip

Planning: Establish a route according to the appellations, 2 to 3 areas per day for an enriching experience without being rushed.

Tastings: Make an appointment in advance for tastings, especially in high season. Many areas offer guided tours and private tastings.


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Experiences not to be missed

  • Farmers' markets

    You will find local markets to discover regional products and local specialties that perfectly accompany Loire wines.

  • Wine events

    Discover events such as: VitiLoire in Tours or for example the Fête des Vins de Bourgueil for a festive experience.

Discover the list of events not to be missed in 2024 in the Loire.

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