Saint-Cado Island Brittany

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04 April 2024  |  Culture

Island of Saint-Cado in Brittany, a natural beauty

Let's now discover the charming village of Saint-Cado, nestled on a small island in the heart of the Gulf of Morbihan, in Brittany. Accessible by a picturesque bridge, this village offers an enchanting setting where time seems to have stood still.

Saint-Cado Island, a natural beauty:

Saint-Cado is surrounded by the calm waters of the Gulf of Morbihan, offering spectacular views of the surrounding islands and salt marshes. Hiking trails wind through the island, allowing visitors to explore its unspoiled landscapes and discover its unique flora and fauna. Nature lovers can also enjoy kayaking or paddle boarding along the coasts, providing a different perspective on the natural beauty of the Gulf.

Breton authenticity:

Saint-Cado retains its authentic and traditional character, with its picturesque fishermen's houses and narrow streets lined with colorful flowers. Locals continue the region's ancestral traditions, such as artisanal fishing and oyster farming, giving visitors the opportunity to experience the authentic Breton way of life. Local cafes and restaurants offer delicious cuisine using fresh seafood, allowing visitors to enjoy regional specialties while admiring the stunning views of the Gulf.

Saint-Cado and its famous house with blue shutters

Before starting your walk, admire the famous little house with blue shutters located on the rocky islet of Nichtarguer. Also nicknamed the oyster house, it was once the home of an oyster farm keeper and his family. Now uninhabited, this house invites you to daydream and makes you want to stay there for your summer holidays. You will surely come across a few painters or photographers immortalizing the landscape and legendary history of this little corner of land, which has become one of the most famous photos of Brittany. From the quay, enjoy a magical setting to contemplate magnificent sunsets.

A Historical Heritage:

Despite its small size, Saint-Cado is full of historical treasures to discover. The village church, dating from the 11th century, is a remarkable example of Romanesque architecture and houses ancient decorative elements, including a polychrome wooden statue of Saint-Cado. The nearby Pointe du Percho Lighthouse offers panoramic views of the Gulf and surrounding islands, and is a great place to watch spectacular sunsets.

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