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13 February 2024  |  Wines / Vineyard

Journey to the heart of the vineyards: Discover the magic of wine estates in France

France, country of renowned wines and enchanting wine-growing landscapes, offers visitors an unforgettable experience in the heart of its wine estates. From the rolling hills of Burgundy to the vast expanses of vineyards of Bordeaux, each wine region has its own charm and story to tell.

Let's discover together these exceptional lands which have so much to offer you:

Burgundy: The land of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay

The history of Burgundy wine was previously influenced by the monks of the Roman Catholic Church. The first real owners of the Burgundy vines were the Benedictines who acquired a large part of the Burgundian vineyard from 910 and during the following centuries. Burgundy is known for its history, it is rich in estates with often modest appearances. Burgundy wines are valued for their elegance, complexity and ability to improve over time. Indeed, despite its small size (it corresponds to 3% of French vineyards), it offers the largest number of designations of origin: around a hundred, from Chablisien to Mâconnais, including the Côte de Nuit, the Côte de Baune and the Côte Chalonnaise.

Grape variety and Burgundy wines

Burgundy wines are known for their unique and recognizable style. The region is famous for its red wines of Pinot Noir, white wines of Chardonnay and red wines of Gamay. Burgundy Pinot Noir is known for its delicate, fruity taste, as well as its light, subtle structure. Burgundy's chardonnay white wines are appreciated for their finesse and elegance, with aromas of apple and pear.

Bordeaux: the art of blending and the elegance of great wines

Bordeaux is without a doubt the world capital of wine. Bordeaux is in fact the leading French wine region with nearly 14,000 producers, 117,514 ha including 113,000 ha in AOC, a production of 6 million hectolitres including 5.6 million in AOC and 400 trading houses which participate in the marketing of 70% of Bordeaux wine production.

Bordeaux, classified as a UNESCO world heritage site

For two thousand years, Bordeaux has been the world capital of wine. When the city was called Burdiaga until today when it hosts VINEXPO every two years, the world's largest wine and spirits fair bringing together 45 countries and 2,400 professionals.

The most beautiful Bordeaux estates

During your next getaway to the Bordeaux vineyards, you will be able to capture unforgettable memories in every corner of the vineyards, where you will find beautiful châteaux, each more original and impressive than the last.

Château Léognan, this one seduces thanks to the refined refinement of the lines of its Château, its aviary, its dovecote and its stables transformed into a restaurant.

Château Loudenne, this beautiful building built in 1670, nicknamed “chartreuse” by the locals, is decorated with flower gardens and AOC Médoc vines.

Château de Camarsac, nicknamed “Château du Prince Noir”, this building steeped in history stands proudly in the Entre-Deux-Mers region: from its promontory enveloped in vines.

Château Haut-Sarpe and its charming mill in the heart of Saint-Émilion, this Saint-Émilion Grand Cru Classé is one of the oldest wine estates in the appellation.

Champagne: sparkling elegance and artisanal know-how

The Champagne vineyard is a French vineyard located on the territory of the former province of Champagne. It mainly extends into the Grand East region.

Traveling through the Champagne, one cannot help but be fascinated by these landscapes shaped by the people of Champagne for hundreds of years. “The vine is a plant of civilization,” said Raphaël Schirmer, associate professor and doctor of geography. The next time you observe the Champagne landscape, take the time to appreciate the scale of this work. A work to which UNESCO paid tribute by recognising the Hillsides, Houses & Cellars of Champagne as world heritage.

The Loire Valley: Land of castles and refined wines

The Loire Valley is renowned for the variety of its white wines. The rugged hills of Sancerre and Pouilly-Fumé produce some of France's finest white wines. Mainly made from the Sauvignon Blanc grape variety, these wines offer a palette of flavors from refreshing citrus to subtle mineral notes.

The Loire Valley, with its natural beauty and historical heritage, is a must-see destination for wine lovers and travelers seeking authenticity.

Discover beautiful territories that highlight the diversity and richness of the wines of each region, while highlighting their cultural and historical heritage.

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