La Belle Mèche

 La Belle Mèche 

14 May 2022  |  Pure France

La Belle Mèche, well-being fragrance for the home

Diffusers, candles, liquid soaps, detergents... La Belle Mèche offers a set of products to embellish your interiors with an exquisite scent.

Pleasant living spaces

What could be nicer than coming into a house in which it smells good...

A delicately scented house soothes or invigorates the inhabitants.

So, take care of your living spaces in order to best accommodate your future vacationers.

La Belle Mèche

 La Belle Mèche  

Who is La Belle Mèche?

Laura and Pierre are the co-founders since 2013 of La Belle Mèche. They offer accessible, sincere and respectful perfumery with beautiful, simple and original perfumes.

Discover their products and their different collections here:

Their commitment

La Belle Mèche is committed to the planet, through perfumes, the choice of wax, packaging. They make sure to offer the most respectful products for the planet.

Discover their website here:

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