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03 June 2024  |  Sports and leisure

La Loire vue du ciel

During your holidays, take height and visit the Loire from the sky.



The mouth: Meeting the Atlantic

The Loire flows into the Atlantic Ocean near Saint-Nazaire, after crossing the port city of Nantes. The mouth of the Loire is a spectacular encounter between fresh and salt water, with marshes, estuaries and dunes that form a unique ecosystem.

From the moment you take off, you will be charmed by the beauty of the banks of the Canal de la Martinière and the Loire that extends to the ocean. There opens up to you a magical landscape on the jade and love coasts.

You will fly over the beach of St Brévin le pines and other wonders await you.

Where to book:

You can book your flight via the cap adrenaline website from Saint-Nazaire: cap adrénaline

The castles of the Loire

Loire château

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By flying over the Loire, you will be amazed by the magnificence of the castles that punctuate its course. From the heights, these historic buildings stand out majestically from the surrounding landscapes. The Château de Chambord, with its finely carved towers and roofs, appears as a jewel in the middle of the forests.

A little further, the castle of Chenonceau and the river tributary of the Loire, the Cher.

Each castle tells a part of the history of France, from medieval battles to Renaissance intrigues.

You can book your flight here.

And why not in a hot air balloon?

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