Lac de Gaubé


14 August 2022  |  Tourism, Nature

Lac de Gaubé and the Waterfall Path

On vacation in the Hautes Pyrénées, the Pure France team recommends two walks: an easy one with a sublime landscape, towards the Lac de Gaubé and another just as magnificent, the Waterfall Path. Get some fresh air ! Ideal for families.

Lac de Gaubé

Lac de Gaubé


From the car park, take the cable car and then a chairlift. Then 15 min walk on a dirt road that runs along a river and you arrive at Lake Gaubé. You can also stop at the exit of the cable car, walk a few minutes and see the Pont d'Espagne waterfall.

Several hiking trails start either from the first cable car or from the lake.

near Lac de Gaubé


Waterfall Path

Two possible car parks: the Pont d'Espagne (where there is the cable car) or La Raillère.

Chemin des cascades


Pont d'Espagne Hautes Pyrénées


Careful that you do not return to the worng car park !

The waterfalls path is just amazing. You follow the river from waterfalls to waterfalls, each more impressive than the next. A treat for swimming or contemplation...

Pont d'Espagne  Hautes Pyrénées


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