Lac Cassien


22 July 2021  |  Tourism, Sports and leisure

Lac Saint Cassien

Lac Saint Cassien was originally intended for the production of hydroelectric power, but is now a fabulous recreational area and a great alternative to the crowded Mediterranean beaches in the summer. The lake extends over 3 towns in the Pays de Fayence (Tanneron, Montauroux, Callian) and Les Adrets de l'Estérel, 30 minutes from Cannes and 20 minutes from Fréjus.

There are several waterside restaurants and a good selection of boat hire areas with a large selection of canoes, pedalos and paddleboards.

Lac Cassien


OKwide offers an excellent snack bar, boat rental, deckchairs and a large water park.

Lac Cassien

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Lac Cassien

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The most visited site in the Pays de Fayence

The lake of Saint-Cassien is the busiest in the Pays de Fayence, on this 420 hectare lake many aquatic or pedestrian activities are available to you. It covers four municipalities: Tanneront, Montauroux, Callian and Les Adrets de l'Estérel. It receives water from the Maraval and Fontesant streams.

The international rowing base

A unique place in Europe, with a club that offers different formulas for practicing rowing with qualified instructors. You will have the possibility to rent a boat for half a day or a day for initiation or advanced courses. In 2021, the construction of the new base will make the Pays de Fayence a unique place in Europe for the practice of rowing and for the training of national teams.

Essentials at Lac Saint Cassien

Swimming, fishing, nautical activities, rowing, lake house.

You can fish for carp.

The essentials near Lac Saint Cassien

Mimosa, the Fayence-Tourrettes gliding center, the open-air museum, climbing in the Blavet, Seillans one of the most beautiful villages in France.

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