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29 March 2024  |  Tourism

Lourmarin, in the heart of the Lubéron regional park

Located in the heart of the Lubéron regional park, Lourmarin is a Provençal village of striking beauty. Nestled between green hills and rolling vineyards, Lourmarin attracts travelers seeking French authenticity and tranquility.

A village of elegance and history

As soon as you arrive in Lourmarin, you will be captivated by its atmosphere and its rich historical past. Discover the shaded cobbled streets, lined with colorful stone houses, you will discover a preserved peaceful atmosphere. You will discover fountains, picturesque squares and secret passages telling the history of Lourmarin.

Château Lourmarin

Dominating the village, the Lourmarin castle is one of the most emblematic treasures dating from the 15th century. This castle is elegant and offers an insight into local history. Discover the rooms decorated with ancient frescoes, the French gardens and the breathtaking view of the Lubéron valley from its ramparts. The castle today hosts art exhibitions and cultural events offering visitors a glimpse of the thriving cultural life.

Surrounding nature

Offer visitors plenty of opportunities for outdoor exploration. You can go hiking through the hills of the Luberon, discover the trails lined with lavender in flower or explore the fields of olive trees and vines that characterize the surrounding landscape.

Whether you appreciate tranquility or moments outdoors, Lourmarin offers a peaceful refuge in the heart of Provence.

Lourmarin hosted the filming of the film "The Heart of Men" by Marc Esposito with Jean-Pierre Darroussin, Gérard Darmon, Marc Lavoine and Bernard Campan.

Lourmarin and its gastronomy

Provençal gastronomy is in the spotlight in Lourmarin, with its colorful markets and welcoming restaurants that highlight local delights. Taste authentic dishes prepared with fresh local produce, such as olive oil, aromatic herbs and artisanal cheeses. Don't miss out on tasting the region's renowned wines, including the famous Provence rosé, which will perfectly accompany your outdoor meals under the gentle Mediterranean sun.

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