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25 September 2021  |  Fashion

Made In France - Pere Pigne clothes maker

"PERE PIGNE is an eco-responsible brand of clothing. Our clothes are made 100% in France in our workshops in Perpignan, where we also do screen printing. PERE PIGNE employs women particularly from the Saint-Jacques district as part of a social inclusion program in partnership with the city of Perpignan, the State, the Region and the Pyrénées-Orientales departmental council. PERE PIGNE is a Resilience program company and an active member of the independent Made in France federation."

Pere Pigne

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Pere Pigne, a local commitment

The workshops are located in the Saint Jacques district of Perpignan. A working-class multicultural district, populated by the gypsy community. Pere Pigne made the decision to settle in this district to bring it back to life and not to leave it on the sidelines. Poverty and exclusion are not only intellectual struggles, Pere Pigne acts on a daily basis to change the neighborhood. Local residents thus work in the workshops. During 2021, the workshop and its shop moved to the heart of downtown Perpignan, a larger and more attractive space located at 41bis Quai Vauban.

Pere Pigne Perpignan

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Pere Pigne, a social and solidarity commitment

The company obtained the recognition of Solidarity Company of Social Utility (ESUS) in September 2021. The profits are redistributed to the workers (15% for them against 12.5% ​​returned to the partners). Pere Pigne is a stakeholder in the construction of a center and a social and solidarity economy incubator in the Saint-Jacques district.

Pere Pigne, an environmental commitment

50% of the profits are allocated to the creation of a fabric manufacturing sector made from textile and plastic waste from another priority district of Perpignan. The inks used are phthalate-free, the textiles are recycled. The company is labeled Oeko-tex and Global Recycled Standard.

The collections

Pere Pigne works with local artists and designers. Pure France loves The DeLaBonneMusique T-shirt and Tote Bag.

A music playlist is produced every month to correspond with different colour T-shirts; green for Brazilian music, black for jazz and gray for Eclectic.

Visit the shop here

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