Lumières Saint-Gervais

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11 October 2022  |  Events

Magical light show at the foot of Mont Blanc

The 6th edition of "Lumières Saint-Gervais" will be held every day from 5 pm to 10 pm A week of illumination and wonder in the streets of Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc, from December 22 to 29.

This event meets year after year and is a great success, thanks to the talents of the artists, the cultural and architectural richness.

Promenade du Mont-Blanc, Facade of the house of Saint-Gervais, Facades of the church and the town hall, Esplanade Marie Paradis, Jardin du Mont-Blanc... you can discover all the works of art projected and illuminated by lights, creating a friendly and pleasant atmosphere.

Lumières Saint-Gervais


Location: Saint-Gervais town center Official website:

Lumières Saint-Gervais

 © Boris Molinier 

During your stay in the region, you can enjoy the thermal baths of Saint-Gervais all year round.

Since 1807, the Bains du Mont-Blanc spa resort has been offering spa guests the benefits of its hot spring with exceptional therapeutic properties. Quickly recognized for its therapeutic virtues, the waters of Saint-Gervais have attracted an ever-growing clientele over the years. The infrastructures are developing, modernizing its facilities, and the center is expanding its field of expertise, allowing it to accommodate more and more spa guests and the public and to treat many ailments.

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The terms are located in the heart of the Alpine massif in a 10-hectare park.

The thermal water loaded with minerals (30 times more than a classic spring water) and trace elements (sulphur, magnesium, boron, silicon, copper or even manganese) gives it soothing, healing, anti-inflammatory, decongestant properties and anti-aging. It is recognized in the world of dermatology.

On site, an institute offers face and body treatments as well as a personalized skin consultation in order to advise you on the best suitable products.

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