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02 September 2021  |  Architecture, Tourism

Marina Baie des Anges

The Marina Baie Des Anges is a set of four buildings up to 70 meters high, which punctuate the Baie des Anges in Villeneuve Loubet, between Cannes and Nice.

Baie Des Anges

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The construction of Marina Baie des Anges was launched at the end of the 60, in 1968 to be precise and spanned almost 25 years. These buildings took position on the seafront in place of a vast wasteland used as a camping area at the time with the idea of transform it into a very private luxury real estate complex. The bet was daring! Indeed, the direct surroundings of Marina Baie des Angels are in no way comparable to those of Cannes, Nice or even Antibes – even more so if you go back nearly fifty years.

Baie Des Anges

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This project, approved beforehand by the Superior Council of architecture and urban planning now benefits from the label "20th century heritage". The four waves represented by the Marina Baie des Anges buildings have aroused much opposition before fully integrating into the local landscape. It is true that these four buildings constituted at the time a unique project in terms of its gigantism but also a visual barrier on the sea. Thus around 1,500 apartments were built, some of which are now available to organize your vacation rental in Nice. The tallest of the buildings is 26 floors, or 70 meters high, rare for the region!

Baie Des Anges

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Although the project met with great success from the outset, the three first buildings were sold, built and delivered between 1972 and 1976, the last of them was not completed until 1993, the marketing becoming more and more difficult over time.

Still, to this day, Marina Baie des Anges is an emblematic figure of the Côte d'Azur, and an ideal place for anyone considering a rental on the Côte d'Azur. Indeed, the complex, facing the Mediterranean, has a swimming pool, a Thalassotherapy center, and many others sports equipments. The whole is decorated with various restaurants and varied at the foot of the buildings as well as a Marina capable of to accommodate pleasure boats up to 35 meters long. The directors of this project had been visionary, counting on the development of super yachting in the Mediterranean.

To date, the apartments on the top floor in particular are reselling at exorbitant prices. Count around 1.5 million euros for a 130 square meter apartment located halfway up.

Baie Des Anges

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The history of Marina Baie des Anges

It offers a panorama from Cap d'Antibes to Cap de Nice, on a site of 26 hectares of marshland.

An architectural creation

The boom in summer holidays and the regional planning policy of the 1960s stimulated the development of tourism on the Côte d'Azur. Marina-Baie des Anges is an exception with regard to the sprawl of housing estates.

Museums and visits around

If you appreciate modern architecture, you will have the pleasure of attending a guided tour. On the village side, the historic heart with its museums dedicated to the great chef Auguste Escoffier, local history, or memories of the French army. The town can be visited by following its flowery alleys, its walks and its squares. In summer, you will love the lantern walks which allow you to appreciate the coolness of the evenings. Historical visit, art exhibition, grand chef exhibition "Auguste Escoffier, a humanist", history and art museum...

Find all the visits, exhibitions and museums directly on the website.

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