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26 September 2023  |  Culture

“Montagne en scène” celebrates its 10th anniversary!

Montagne en Scène is back in more than 220 cities, you can discover great adventures on the big screen in your cinemas. Montagne en Scène offers a large selection of selected films. This year: Nuptse, the absolute inaccessible by director Hugo Clouzeau. Via Sedna by Ramona Waldner, The Silent Escape by Oswald Rodrido Pereira, Rise By Fred Rousseau and Maxime Moulin. The objective is to bring the mountains to the city in order to share mountain sports. You will be able to enjoy a selection of the best documentaries related to mountain activities. The films are in the original version with French subtitles. Sessions are scheduled throughout France in November and December 2023, but also in Switzerland, Benelux, Canada... Discover the programming on their website.

The mountain is an environment that transports

The mountain is an environment that brings benefits personally but also professionally. Over the years, the founders of Montagne en Scène have aimed to help democratize and protect the mountains. But also, to support projects making it possible to diversify the audiences who go to the mountains and to preserve the environment and support the victims of mountain accidents.

A passionate team

Montagne en scène is above all a story of enthusiasts, with one objective: to raise awareness of this magical environment which brings us so much, and to make you want to go on an adventure yourself. Awareness also linked to global warming. The CO2 emissions emitted during the organization of the festival to make Montagne en Scène a carbon neutral event.

A book for 10 year olds

Hundreds of adventures experienced in 10 years with sportsmen and women who have made people dream and thrill thanks to their exploits. A book has been created to bring these stories to life, and retrace the most significant stories through this book. Great sportsmen who tell the story of the evolution of mountain sports through this book currently on pre-sale online.

On tour from November 2023 in France and other countries. Book your tickets online.

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