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Montmartre, a romantic stroll in Paris

Montmartre, follow the life of a Parisian urchin

Montmartre is a must during a stay in Paris. Montmartre is located in the popular 18th arrondissement of Paris. The lower part of Montmartre is lively, you will discover typical Parisian life with its modest cafés managed by friendly people, and full of regulars who come and go before or after work. To reach the Basilique du Sacré Coeur, you can wander through the cobbled streets, or take the many staircases so typical of this neighbourhood.  222 steps lead to the top of the hill through the Square Saint Michel. From there you have a breathtaking view over the whole of Paris. Magical moments by day and by night. And just behind your back, the famous Basilique du Sacré Coeur. Not far from the Place du Tertre.

La bohème, Montmartre and its artists

I’ll tell to you of a time
That those less than 20 years would not understand
Monmartre in that time hung its lilies
Right under our windows
And if the humble room that served as our nest was nothing to look at
It’s there that we came to know each other
I, crying famine, and you, posing nude
La bohème, la bohème
That meant one is happy
The bohemian, the bohemian

Excerpt from La Bohème sung by Charles Aznavour

The Place du Tertre is known for its artists, painters and draughtsmen. Several caricaturists work on the Place du Tertre and offer to sketch the passers-by. You can also visit the museum dedicated to Dali. Did you know that there are vineyards in Montmartre?


The famous film "Amélie" is set in Montmartre. French cult film, very poetic. A beauty. The film is by Jean Pierre Jeunet with music by Yann Tiersen. To watch the film:

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