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04 November 2022  |  Wines / Vineyard

More than a champagne a story, Maison Ruinart

Le Ruinart, or the oldest champagne house. Born in 1729, it is the oldest country house, originally a Benedictine monk, intuitive, hardworking and modest: Dom Thierry Ruinart.

Nicolas Ruinart then writes the founding act of the house ruinart and it becomes the first champagne house in the world.

In the middle of the 18th century, Mr. Ruinart stored his bottles of Ruinart in old chalk pits dug under the city of Reims.

Let's discover together the very exciting stages and know-how of Maison Ruinart, for nearly 300 years.

Know-how, the design stages of Ruinart


The extraction of juices by a soft and progressive pressing to optimize the weapons.


Expertise and intuition for the Cellar Master, Fréderic Panaïotis and his team.

The bottle

The bottle reveals very feminine and singular curves, identical to the first bottles of the 18th century.

The entrainment

Meticulous blending of each cuvée with the sugars, yeasts initiate the second fermentation in a closed environment.


Maturation takes place in the heart of the Maison Ruinart chalk pits, majestic underground chalk cathedrals listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites.


Mechanical riddling moves the bottles from horizontal to vertical causing the lees deposit to descend into the neck of the bottle.


Elimination of deposits and lees formed during the prize de mousse.


Each bottle is observed by the eye of the candler in search of potential defects then dressed by hand finally ready to reveal their aromas and be tasted!


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All vintages

Signature of the Ruinart taste, Chardonnay is at the heart of all the House's cuvées. Coming mainly from the Côte des Blancs and the Montagne de Reims, the grape variety is characterized by its great minerality, elegance and lightness. Discover all the cuvées from the oldest champagne house.

  • Champagne Ruinart blanc de blanc

  • Champagne Ruinart rosé

  • Champagne R de Ruinart

Discover all the champagne cuvées directly on the Ruinart website:

Their commitments

Sustainable Viticulture

The Ruinart house has been a pioneer in terms of sustainable development in its commitment against global warming in order to reduce the carbon footprint.

Live a unique experience

Visits to historic cellars

You can visit the chalk pits and browse the historic cellars listed as World Heritage by UNESCO.

A brunch at the Ruinart house

Every weekend, Maison Ruinart invites you to come and taste its emblematic cuvées around a brunch imagined by the House.

Brunch only by reservation - 75€ /pers. 2 services every Saturday and Sunday - from April 2 to November 28 Your table is reserved for you for 2 hours

Brunch Ruinart

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