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22 October 2022  |  Tourism

Must-see visits in the Dordogne

You are on vacation in the Dordogne, we have prepared the essentials not to be missed during your stay in the Dordogne.


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Visit of the Cathedral of Périgueux

Périgueux is known for its period architecture and its Gallo-Roman past. In particular the impressive Saint-Front cathedral when observed from the quays of the Dordogne as well as the Saint-Etienne de la Cité church which is also worth a visit.

Cathédrale de Périgueux

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Ancient past in Vesunna

This site-museum was built on the remains of a large Gallo-Roman residence. You will learn more about the past of those who populated the region almost 2000 years ago. A detour to make in the Dordogne for history buffs.

A bit of height at La Roque-Gageac

Natural point of defense of the Sarlart monastery in the Middle Ages, it is a small village clinging to the cliff which offers a unique view of the Dordogne valley. It also houses an exotic garden where you will find bougainvilleas, palm trees and banana trees.

The fortified towns of Périgord

Périgord has more than 400 bastides in the region. Among which the best known: Eymet and Monpazier.

Walk in the gardens of Marqueyssac

In Marqueyssac, around the castle you can admire the beauty of the gardens, the opportunity to marvel at the work of expert gardeners. You will be able to observe a sublime panorama of the Dordogne below.

Les jardins de Marqueyssac

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The Caves of Lascaux

The Dordogne is a generous land, with the Grottes de Lascaux and its unique parietal paintings. Even if the site is closed to the public, we can still access Lascaux II to learn more about our ancestors who lived there 20,000 years ago.

Lascaux is fully revealed with this Museum which retraces in a complete and original way the discovery of the Lascaux cave.

Check out our blog post to learn about the history of Grottes de Lascaux:

Grottes de Lascaux

 © Grottes de Lascaux 

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