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26 December 2022  |  Culture

"Never Show This to Anyone" a biographical documentary

A biographical documentary dedicated to rapper Orelsan who released his 4th album "Civilization". "Never Show That to Anyone" is a touching, funny and very realistic immersion in the life of the artist and the world of music.

A series of two seasons.

A French series created by Clément Cotentin, Orelsan's brother: Aurélien Cotentin, who filmed his big brother throughout his life.

A successful documentary

This documentary series looks back on the path taken by Orelsan since his beginnings, through an intimate immersion behind the scenes of his life told and filmed for the most part by his brother Clément who followed him for nearly 20 years with his camera.

Through numerous personal archives and videos filmed and kept by Clément, "Show never that to anyone" reveals the rise of the artist filmed with his relatives such as Skread, Ablaye, Gringe and certain members of his family. The documentary series also includes testimonials from several guests, such as Soprano, Akhenaton, Oxmo Puccino, Stromaé or GIMS. Orelsan - "Never show that to anyone" is the touching testimony of Clément, who always believed that his brother would realize his dream of becoming one of the most recognized French rappers.

He immediately believed in the success of his brother!

Clément Contentin, Orelsan's little brother simply filmed his brother and his group of friends for more than 20 years. He takes advantage of filming them to be able to stay with them. He continues to film them until there is enough content to make a documentary about their story...and their legendary success!

A two-season documentary

Season 1 has 6 episodes, aired on October 15, 2021.

  1. The future belongs to those who get up when I go to bed

  2. If you wanna make a movie you just need something that films

  3. What I say in my songs, it's clichés, it's not the truth

  4. We are the future

  5. I'll keep bullshitting until they take me seriously

  6. I thought I would get up one morning, be a man

Season 2 airs on October 13, 2022.

  1. Alone with people around

  2. Shadow and light

  3. We have to reboot, we have to reset

  4. I was all alone, we are thousands

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