Oniria Aquarium Canet en Roussillon

 ©instagram @aquariumoniria 

16 March 2023  |  Tourism

Oniria, the aquarium of Canet-en-Roussillon

Oniria, the aquarium of Canet en Roussillon.

Oniria aquarium Canet en Roussillon

 ©instagram @aquariumoniria 

A solo visit, with family or friends. A must for holidays in the Pyrénées-Orientales. 3,500m² with 83 pools to admire the life of more than 660 species grouped around 10 universes.

Oniria, this name borrowed from the oneiric world or world of dreams, is intended to be a marvelous world, tinged with poetry where the beauty of nature can be fully expressed. This magical world that I imagined more than 20 years ago is the one crossed by a single drop of water that takes us on a sensational world tour.

Patrick Masanet - scientific manager and designer of the Oniria program
Oniria Aquarium Canet en Roussillon

 ©instagram @aquariumoniria 

During the visit, the visitor is invited to discover the biodiversity of the different species and their ecosystem. Special effects, snowstorm, giant squid attack and other surprises make the visit attractive and rich in emotions. Oniria raises awareness about our current way of life, about the planetary issues of ecology and consumption. You can enjoy the roof top for a drink, an ice cream or a snack with a panoramic view of the port. A pleasant and fun visit.

Oniria aquarium Canet en Roussillon

 ©instagram @aquariumoniria 

Address: 2 boulevard de la pier, 66140 Canet en Roussillon


More info and prices on their website: https://www.oniria.fr

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