Pic du Tarbésou

 © Pic du Tarbésou 

15 October 2021  |  Nature

Pic du Tarbésou, a family hike

This hike located in Occitanie is one of the most beautiful in Ariège. Easily accessible, the peak can be accessible to the more experienced, but also to families. There are different routes, including a loop giving access to the three ponds, however the duration is longer.


Once you have crossed Ax-Les Thermes, take the direction of Ascou-Pailhères ski resort. The start is after the ski resort before the Pailhères pass, you will find a car park on your left and the Tarbésou peak on your right.

The departure will take place on the other side of the road, you will have a field to cross and follow the path to the peak.

Once at the top of the peak, you will discover a 360 degree breathtaking view with three lakes below. Warning: Allow more time for the loop, and be equipped with walking shoes.

Pic du Tarbésou

 © Pic du Tarbésou 

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