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29 May 2021  |  UNESCO , Tourism, Holidays

Port of the moon in Bordeaux

Since the Middle Ages, the port of the Moon has been the name given to the port of Bordeaux due to its crescent shape when it crosses the city. It is also depicted on the city's coat of arms. This part of the river, which is also called "the harbour", now has a strong tourist activity.

Influence exchange center

The city also sees recognition of its historical role as a center of exchange of influences for more than 2,000 years, in particular since the 12th century, because of the links with Great Britain and the Netherlands, by its role as the capital of a world-renowned wine region and by the importance of its port in regional and international trade.

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site

The appellation of Bordeaux Port de Lune also refers to 2007 when the city of Bordeaux wrote to the Unesco World Heritage.

World recognition at UNESCO is also linked to the urban project. With the cleaning of the facades and lighting, the development of the tram, and the requalification of the quays in promenade. All this highlights the Bordeaux river today.

Architectural homogeneity

The moon port of Bordeaux represents a classical and neoclassical architectural homogeneity, including the royal square. It is a very popular place for locals but also for tourists who enjoy the beautiful panorama. Walking by the river is very pleasant, you will find the Mirror of water there, the large square with all the fountains, and terraces for drinking glasses. It makes you want to take a little trip to Bordeaux!


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