Printemps des poètes


03 March 2022  |  Culture, Events

Printemps des Poètes 12-28 mars 22

The 24th Printemps des Poètes takes place from March 12 to 28, 2022 on the theme of the ephemeral.

You can't hold anything in your hand and convince yourself that you have it forever. It will inevitably leak, evaporate, sink. You open your hand and you find nothing, nothing. At fourteen, I understood that. Since then, I want to be like this thing in the hand, elusive, volatile and belonging to no one.

Golshifteh Farahani, godmother of the 24th spring

You can find the information on the dedicated website:

The Pure France team pays tribute to the poet Andrée Chédid by sharing her poem D'instant en instant

From moment to moment

From moment to moment Sprouts the time that weaves me Pass the time that stalks me The time that escapes me is shortened from moment to moment Captive of rushing time I sail On the games of dreams On the flow of the present On the impulse of the soul On the eddies of the heart from moment to moment To the rhythm of time that shapes us Our shadows are struggling On the web of life.

And you, which poet inspires you?

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