Prune's little Skirts

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02 August 2021  |  Fashion

Prune's little Skirts - Made in France

Pure France likes committed French companies that manufacture locally.

Discovery of Little Skirts, created by Prune, a young designer and entrepreneur.

Passion for a job well done, in France

Extract from the site Les petite skirts de Prune
Prune's little Skirts

 © instagram/lespetitesjupesdeprune 

Made In France

French creations from the start. The patterns are all created by the company.

Suppliers are carefully chosen locally.

Then the clothing, which started in the birthplace of the company in Paris, and which is now manufactured in a factory in the West of France.

Prune's little Skirts

 © instagram/lespetitesjupesdeprune 

A united company

Consuming differently means making choices. In 2019, 'Les Petites jupes de Prune' decided on the sidelines of Black Friday to get involved with Ikambere, an association that supports vulnerable women living with HIV. IKAMBERE's stake is to enable women to access health care, rights, housing, employment, healthy food and activities that promote social ties and self-esteem.

10% of the proceeds from this Black Friday weekend were donated to them.


Nothing is lost, everything is transformed.

A famous adage taken up by the company. The offcuts are used to make small pouches for every day use.

A 100% upcycling collection has been made.

The collections

Les Petites skirts de Prune is not only skirts but also shorts, pants, tops, dresses and the Bridal collection.

Pure France likes:

Photos of pleated skirts, top and wedding dresses.

The website

Te site is very pretty and makes you want to take the time to browse everything.

To discover the collections click here: Les petites jupes de Prune

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