Quimper Bretagne

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07 December 2023  |  Tourism

Quimper, an authentic Breton city

Quimper is a picturesque town in Brittany, where history, culture and natural beauty meet to create a unique experience. Quimper offers visitors an authentic getaway in Brittany.

The history of Quimper

Quimper comes from the Breton name Kemper, whose history dates back to Antiquity. Its name comes from the river that crosses it, the Odet, which has been the seat of the bishopric since the 5th century. You will see vestiges of the past, from medieval churches to fortifications which bear witness to the time when Quimper was a fortified city.

Quimper in the heart of architecture

Strolling through the cobbled streets of the town center, you will be struck by the charm of the half-timbered houses. The pretty colorful facades and flowered windows offer a warm atmosphere, inviting visitors to stroll. You will discover the Saint-Corentin Cathedral, which dominates the skyline and adds a touch of grandeur.

City entertainment

Life in Quimper is lively with festivals and traditional festivals accompanied by folk music and dance that take you to another time. The Cornouaille festival celebrates Breton culture and is a must for people wanting to fully enjoy the region's festive atmosphere.

In the heart of nature in the surrounding area

The surroundings of Quimper offer beautiful peaceful walks, where nature lovers will be delighted. The Glénan Islands, jewels of the Breton archipelago, are a short boat ride away and offer an exceptional natural refuge.

Breton cuisine and traditions

Don't go to Brittany without tasting Breton pancakes and pancakes. Local markets are full of fresh products such as seafood, ciders and artisan cheeses.

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