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05 January 2023  |  Culture

Raoul Dufy painter of joy

Raoul Dufy was a French painter born in 1877. His palette is wide and he has also created ceramics, fabrics, tapestries, furniture. In 1913, he painted La Grande Baigneuse, imbued with his Cubist inspiration and which is in fact his farewell work to Cubism.

Raoul Dufy The bather


His style is falling into place. Dufy observes that the colors follow their own movement. Their boundaries do not simply follow the contours of objects or shapes. Also we can see over his paintings the dissociation between color and drawing.

Raoul Dufy roses


Raoul Dufy Perpignan


There is reality and then there is what we see. It's not the same thing. What interests me is the vision of reality. I try to paint what I see and what I understand about things.

Raoul Dufy

Dufy produced approximately 3,000 canvases, 6,000 large watercolors, 6,000 drawings, woodcuts, lithographs, tapestries, fabrics.

Indeed, in the 1910s, Dufy met Paul Poiret, a great couturier who asked him to create patterns for fashion and decoration. For twenty years Dufy will thus produce several ready-to-wear fabrics but also furnishings.

Dufy work


The photos were taken at the Raoul Dufy exhibition at the Palazzo Cipolla in Rome. Exhibition which takes place until February 26, 2023.

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