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Rocamadour, a suspended sanctuary

Discover Rocamadour, a medieval marvel clinging to the side of a cliff in the Dordogne valley. This village seduces travelers with its architecture, its chapels and its breathtaking panorama. Emblematic site of Lor, vertical and majestic, with its castle which extends over several floors. Let’s discover the magic of Rocamadour, this suspended sanctuary. It is one of the most beautiful villages in France with its pretty houses and its unique charm.

A journey through time:

Rocamadour, with its origins dating back to Antiquity, seems frozen in a distant era. History is revealed in every corner of Rocamadour, each stone tells a story, plunging visitors into an era where faith, art and nature blended in beautiful harmony.

The climb to the sanctuary climbed by generations of pilgrims

216 steps of the Grand Staircase, decorated with statues representing the mysteries of the rosary, offer a symbolic journey towards contemplation and devotion. At the top, the Basilica of Saint-Sauveur welcomes visitors with an aura of the sacred, offering breathtaking panoramic views of the valley below.

Chapels and Miracles

Rocamadour owes its fame to the seven chapels which cling to the cliff. Among them, the Notre-Dame Chapel, housing the Black Madonna, attracts pilgrims from all over the world. Each chapel reveals architectural and artistic treasures, evoking miracles that forged the reputation of Rocamadour.

A breathtaking view

Visitors reaching the summit of Rocamadour are rewarded with the beauty of the panoramic view over the Dordogne valley. Steep cliffs and lush green forests create a landscape of timeless beauty. It is an invitation to contemplation, inner peace, and appreciation of the nature that frames this exceptional place.

Lower town charm

Going down the cobbled streets towards the lower town, we discover another side of Rocamadour. Local craft shops, quaint cafes and valley views add a modern dimension to this tradition-filled place.

What to do in Rocamadour?

After having climbed the Grand Staircase and its 216 steps. We pass through the doors of the Basilica and its 7 chapels, including the Miraculous Chapel where the Black Madonna is located. In Rocamadour there is something to enjoy in terms of leisure activities, you can take a peaceful walk, or embark on a day hike, by bike or on horseback. Learn about hot air ballooning, climbing or even canyoning. If you prefer to discover lots of sites to visit, farms with fabulous know-how and products that will delight your taste buds.

Rocamadour, hikes and walks

Choose the mill circuit and follow the Alzou canyon. Explore the most beautiful villages and stroll among the old stones. The Dordogne valley is very pleasant for the more sporty, with its network of trails and circuits for short or long hikes, trail running, or walks.

Swimming around Rocamadour

In summer, you can take advantage of the Dordogne Valley to swim in the Gluges river, in lakes or waterfalls.

Beach - Supervised swimming in Martel:

At the foot of the cliffs of the Dordogne, this shady site offers you a cool swim in the white waters of the river.

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