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14 May 2024  |  Tourism

Saint-Cyprien, seaside resort on the Côte Vermeille

Saint-Cyprien is located between Argelès-sur-mer and Perpignan, on the Côte Vermeille. It is a popular seaside resort for its spacious beaches, its vast marina, and its many family activities. Saint-Cyprien attracts families, water sports enthusiasts and visitors looking for sun and relaxation.

The beaches of Saint-Cyprien

Saint-Cyprien has a main beach which stretches for several kilometers, offering plenty of space for everyone where you can swim.

Marina and water sports

Saint-Cyprien has a large marina, one of the largest in Europe, which houses hundreds of boats. It's a lively place where visitors can admire boats, take part in sea excursions or try out water activities like jet-skiing, windsurfing or paddle boarding. You will also find restaurants, shops and cafes.


 © BlueBreezeWiki - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, 

Family activities and leisure parks

Saint-Cyprien is known for its many activities aimed at families. The "Aqualand" water park has a very large park with slides for young and old, wave pools and fantastic water play areas. You will also find “The Valley of the Turtles” another popular place, where you can discover different species of turtles, in a natural environment.

Golf course

For golf enthusiasts, Saint-Cyprien offers a 27-hole golf course surrounded by green landscapes. This course offers challenges for players of all levels and panoramic views of the Pyrenees mountains. Additionally, the area around Saint-Cyprien offers hiking trails, cycling trails, and areas for horseback riding, allowing visitors to fully enjoy outdoor activities.

Gastronomy and Local Markets

Saint-Cyprien has many restaurants offering Mediterranean dishes, fresh seafood and local specialties. Local markets offer a variety of fresh produce, cheeses, wines and crafts. This is a great opportunity to discover the flavors of the region and buy authentic souvenirs. Saint-Cyprien is a seaside destination that offers a wide range of activities for families and visitors looking for relaxation and fun. With its spacious beaches, bustling marina, leisure parks and golf courses, there is something for everyone. If you are looking for a friendly holiday destination on the Côte Vermeille, Saint-Cyprien is an excellent choice.

Grand park of La Prade de Saint-Cyprien

The Parc de la Prade is one of the favorite places of locals and visitors. A link between Saint-Cyprien beach and Saint-Cyprien village, the park is a must not to be missed, all year round.

Unique natural environment:

In Saint-Cyprien, nature is omnipresent and the Parc de la Prade is the perfect example, come and take a breath of fresh air in front of the majestic Canigou (Canigó in Catalan). Let yourself be lulled by the songs of birds from all horizons and the lapping of the large pools. The Park has three in total. The Parc de la Prade is the nest of mallards, swans, teals and mandarins splashing happily in these refreshing spaces. A natural spectacle all year round, which allows little ones to discover animals in their natural environment without rushing or disturbing them.

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