Saint-Jean de Côle

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19 December 2023  |  Tourism

Saint-Jean de Côle, in the hills of Périgord Vert

Located about twenty minutes from Brantôme, ideal for a family stroll or a getaway. It is a pretty medieval village classified among the most beautiful villages in France where calm is guaranteed.

The history of Saint-Jean de Côle, medieval elegance

The history of Saint-Jean de Côle is linked to that of the Marthonie castle from the 12th and 15th centuries. This monument is classified but not open to visitors, you can still admire it from the terrace of a restaurant, Place Saint Jean, where it dominates.

Saint-Jean-de-Côle experienced English invasions and pillaging suffered by the castle and its inhabitants. It was from the 19th century that the village was able to benefit from an economic revival thanks to the railway line between Angoulême and Brive.

The central square, surrounded by houses with old-world charm, creates a very pleasant picturesque setting. The small stone houses with richly decorated facades bear witness to the history of the village.

An exceptional architectural heritage:

Saint-Jean de Côle attracts tourists from all over France and the world while maintaining this authenticity. One of the Most Beautiful Villages in France which will delight you with its charm.

Saint-Jean de Côle, a place for walks

Near the castle, you will come across a must-see in Saint-Jean de Côle: the Saint-Jean Baptiste church in the Roman-Byzantine style, a unique design in Dordogne Périgord. You can stroll around Place Saint-Jean, but also stroll through the alleys and admire the beautiful stone houses. Then, you will reach the river and its Gothic bridge which spans the Côle. A pretty green place to admire the village from the river. You can enjoy a guided tour with commentary with an audio guide or guide. You can reserve your place at the tourist office.

The festivities in Saint-Jean de Côle

The Floralies of Saint Jean, a major flower festival which takes place every year on the 2nd weekend of May. You will find more than a hundred exhibitors displaying and selling plants and garden products.

The Venice of Périgord Vert

Nicknamed the “Venice of Périgord Vert” because of the Côle river which runs through the village, Saint-Jean-de-Côle offers a peaceful atmosphere. The picturesque bridges spanning the river add a romantic ambiance to the place, creating postcard-worthy scenes.

The Abbey gardens

Nature lovers will be delighted by the surrounding nature in the Abbey Gardens. Nestled close to the village, these gardens offer a peaceful escape among a variety of plants, flowers, and charming paths.

A journey through time

With its timeless charm, Saint-Jean de Côle is much more than a simple medieval village. It is an immersion in time but also in the culture of Périgord Vert. A visit to Saint-Jean-de Côle is an invitation to contemplate timeless beauty and create lasting memories.

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