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29 May 2024  |  Tourism, Holidays, Sports and leisure

Saint Trojan Les Bains on Ile d'Oléron

Nestled in the south of the charming island of Oléron, Saint-Trojan-les-Bains emerges as a tranquil oasis in the heart of the liveliness of the Atlantic Coast. Saint-Trojan les Bains offers an authentic and serene experience for travelers looking for calm and preserved nature.

A village with timeless charm

Saint-Trojan les Bains with its picturesque streets and houses with colourful shutters. Stroll through its streets and let yourself be seduced by the peaceful atmosphere and traditional architecture. Small local businesses add a touch of conviviality to the whole, inviting visitors to stroll and discover artisanal treasures.

Golden sand beaches and natural landscape

The beaches of Saint-Trojan les Bains are very pleasant and wild, they offer large expanses of fine sand and wild dunes blend harmoniously, offering an ideal setting to relax and recharge your batteries. Maumusson beach, renowned for its crystal clear waters and its preserved atmosphere, is a favorite place for lovers of swimming and relaxing. La Grande Plage is ideal for surfing enthusiasts.

The Forêt des Saumonards: A natural sanctuary

Near Saint-Trojan-les-Bains is the majestic Forêt des Saumonards, a true sanctuary for nature lovers. Go hiking through its shaded trails and discover astonishing biodiversity, from salt marshes to maritime pines and coastal dunes. Ornithologists will be delighted by the variety of bird species that inhabit this nature reserve.

Near Saint-Trojan les Bains

Nearby you will find a multitude of activities to discover to enrich your stay.

Visit the Château d’Oléron:

A few kilometers from Saint-Trojan-les Bains is the Château d'Oléron, a charming fortified town steeped in history. Stroll along its ramparts and explore its picturesque streets, while discovering the famous covered market where you can discover fresh and local products.

Discover the salt marshes:

The nearby Salt Marshes offer a fascinating excursion into the world of salt production. You can visit traditional salt works and learn about ancestral salt harvesting techniques. It is also a great place to observe local flora and fauna.

Cycling on the Ile d’Oléron:

Many vacationers travel to the Ile d'Oléron by bike, which allows them to explore the magnificent landscapes of the Ile d'Oléron. Well-maintained cycle paths crisscross the island, providing cyclists with scenic routes through villages, forests and the coastline.

Explore the Island's ports:

The island's fishing and marina ports, such as the port of Douhet or the port of la Cotinière, are also worth a detour. Stroll along the quays, admire the colorful boats and stop at one of the seafood restaurants to taste freshly caught local specialties.

Visit the Chassiron lighthouse:

The Chassiron lighthouse is located at the northern tip of the island of Oléron, also called "the tip of the end of the world". Its strategic position allows sailors to locate the entrance to the Antioch sluice, scene of numerous shipwrecks The Chassiron lighthouse, located at the northern end of the island of Oléron, is an emblematic monument not to be missed. Climb to the top to enjoy stunning panoramic views of the ocean and surrounding landscapes.

Chassiron Lighthouse Museum:

The lighthouse rotunda, former keepers' apartments, now houses the Museum whose theme is "The people of the coast between land and sea". For approximately 20 minutes, the visitor will discover the life of the Oléronnais, sailors of the land and farmers of the sea, through their daily life and their know-how. The visit is illustrated by traditional objects and models.

Nautical sports:

The ocean is very popular for its water sports, such as boat trips, surfing, kayaking, paddle boarding... you will have many opportunities to have fun on the water.

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