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18 October 2021  |  Culture

Sarlat Film Festival 2021

The Sarlat Film Festival is one of the major festivals of the French cinematographic calendar. It is recognized as being of national interest and it is supported by local, departmental, regional and national institutions. It is a festival well known to film personalities who come each year to present their films; the streets of Sarlat have hosted some of the greatest French directors and actors of the past twenty years.

Sarlat Festival

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To begin this 30th edition, the festival will open with the screening of Fabien Gorgeart's second film: "The True Family" The film will be presented on Tuesday, November 9 in the presence of the director and also Mélanie Thierry and Lyes Salem. Anna, 34, lives with her husband, her two little boys and Simon, a child placed with them by Social Assistance since the age of 18 months, who is now 6 years old. One day, Simon's biological father expresses the desire to regain custody of his son. It is heartbreaking for Anna, who cannot bring herself to let go of the one who has always called her "Mom".

Sarlat Opening Film

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