Seaquarium - Le Grau du Roi


22 March 2022  |  Tourism

Seaquarium in Le Grau du Roi

A great day for the whole family! Discover the Seaquarium, an aquarium with 25 species of sharks, sea lions, seals, Mediterranean and tropical fish, as well as turtles. This aquarium is located in Petite Camargue, in Occitanie.




Discover all there is to know about sharks with 30 species of sharks in a 1,000 m² museum space.

Sea ​​turtles



Seaquarium staff care for and release sea turtles. Come see many fascinating and adorable sea turtles.




Come face to face with harbor seals and Patagonian maned sea lions in the giant pool of marine mammals.

Tropical and Mediterranean fish



Discover more than 2,000 tropical and Mediterranean fish at the Seaquarium. Learn about lobsters, crayfish, crabs and hermit crabs. Count the 8 tentacles of an octopus and observe the jellyfish.

The Seaquarium, a committed marine institute

The Seaquarium Institut Marin is a center of scientific culture with missions of general interest dedicated to the study, enhancement and active preservation of the marine ecosystem. A place of discovery and perpetual astonishment, a fun and educational space that is lively and committed. The Seaquarium Institut Marin changes the way we look at the marine world as well as our relationship with animals and raises awareness from an early age on responsible behavior and actions to be taken to protect our planet in the long term. The worlds of the Seaquarium offer an interactive journey to learn and enrich your knowledge in a fun way.

The commitments of the Seaquarium

  • Understanding the oceans: a delicate balance.

  • Learn, educate, transmit: a priority for the aquarium.

  • Watching over the natural environment: the Seaquarium

  • Institut Marin acts for you.

  • Promoting breeding: new beneficial knowledge.

  • Do not depopulate the oceans.

  • Limiting the emission of plastic: fight to lead together.

The mission of the Seaquarium

The Seaquarium aims to develop our knowledge of marine ecosystems: study habitats and populations, analyze the threats to species to better understand them. For this the Seaquarium sets up:

  • Innovative tours to raise awareness among children, parents and children.

  • Large-scale field actions.

  • An active research center.

  • An irreproachable ethic of care

Protection and preservation actions

For more than 30 years, the Seaquarium has been involved in research and improvement of knowledge of the seabed. With various projects ranging from the preservation of seahorses to the marking of sharks or even against the fight against cigarette butts on the ground. These missions are orchestrated in collaboration with teams from the Seaquarium, NGOs, universities and innovation companies and project leaders. It also positions its aquariums as a place to support possible tests for new technologies from the sea.

Some numbers

  • More than 45 events per year: conferences, exhibitions, stands

  • More than 20 sea trips and dives for local research projects

  • Active participation as a member of the Ocean Climate Platform.


Address: Le Seaquarium, Avenue de Palais de la Mer, 30240, Le Grau du Roi.

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