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18 May 2021  |  Holidays, Pure France, Tourism

Seeing the impossible. Corsica from Nice.

Is it a mirage ? How can you see the impossible ?

The beautiful island of Corsica sits in the Mediterranean, 223 kilometres from Nice. The curvature of the earth makes it impossible to see the island from the mainland, but sometimes, when certain scientific criteria apply and meterological conditions comply, the island appears on the horizon from the Cote d'Azur.


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Here's a fabulous summer holiday rental villa in Corsica. The property sits just back from the coast in a private residence with an elevated view over the beautiful bays of Porticcio and Ajaccio. Beyond is the perfect mountain backdrop for some of the best scenery you will ever experience.

Private heated pool in corsica

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This superb detached home is wonderful throughout, from the supremely manicured, floral Mediterranean garden to the air-conditioned living accommodation and unique interior fresco painting.

Holiday villa in corsica

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Full details here.

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